We OCTAVIAdesign established in Autumn 2000 based in Tokyo, has developed internationalized professional design company well known in its trade providing full service of design development.

International exchanges pointing out the direction of development for us, while talents prepared laying the foundation base on which our takes off, nowadays we are in gratitude to international and domestic enterprises in sincere cooperation with OCTAVIAdesign, also to trained talents graduated from universities growing together with us.  It is attention paid to international exchanges and cultivation of talents that has made what OCTAVIAdesign is today.


Our design team, young with energy, bright with thoughts, aspiring with enthusiasm, which has a firm faith in providing best service of industry design for the international and domestic enterprises.


So far We have rich experienced development, and a lot of pieces have been put into use.  As branching out, the industries it covered has been from household electric appliance to communication, digital products, financing, electronics, public services and heavy industry products, also has the service scope expanded from appearance design to market research, product scheme plan, original design of appearance, structure design, model making, moued follow-up service, training design and management & consultation of design.


"more creative and modern, design a go go"


deep insight -  We are always piercing and examining what your customers want, need, or desire but can ft tell you, and Helping you create a design strategy to guide your future success.


We hope in the new century to be an incubator to hatch susceptibility out of usefulness, beauty and intelligence.

In other words, we firmly believe, that it is the mission of design to give to rise to something throbbing in surprise. Moreover, because the Blue Planet has only limited natural resources, it is our vision and duty, to create more valuable things, with less damage to the nature.










Masanori Yakabe

President / DESIGNER

The march of OCTAVIAdesign in the future is still long, requiring our pragmatic efforts and painstaking work. However it’s worthwhile as we believe our future will be more prosperous!


Creation - What we are absorbed in when we were early childhood



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