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Deep Insight We are always piercing and examining what your customers want, need, or desire but can it tell you, and helping you create a design strategy to guide your future success. Take no single approach. Surround the problem. Come at it from all sides. The user experience, the market parameters, the technology challenges. Solve, invent, refine. Then put them all together until they generate a whole greater than their sum.In other words, we firmly believe, that it is the mission of design to give to rise to something throbbing in surprise. 我々は常に、消費者が言葉にしない欲望または願望を深く深く観察し洞察します。これは将来の成功を導くためのデザイン戦略の作成の第一歩です。この方法には単一のアプローチを取ることはありません。与件をあらゆる側面から見る。コンシューマーの視点、市場パラメーターからの視点、技術課題、などなど。そして、それらをひとつひとつを紐解きながら解決し、発展させ、リファインする。個々の要件を統合し昇華させ新たなひとつの価値に束ねる。さらにいえば、変化の機微をいち早くとらえ、新しい発想とセンスでハッと心がときめくモノを生み出すこと。これこそデザインの社会への存在価値であり、デザインの使命であると考えています。 Passion
We love what we do. That’s why we’re OCTAVIAdesign, As passionate people we can’t help but spread our enthusiasm and passion for design. We want you to feel like we do and love seeing how pleased people are with the finished designs and that we’ve created. Only when you’re satisfied with your designs can we be.
Superb goods and space make happy and heal. It means returning of profits to the both: clients and society ,and your business. We do believe, that design is able to make our lives brighter and more comfortable. We are your future creators.
私たちは、日々のデザイン作業を心から愛しています。それがOCTAVIAdesignです。熱意と情熱をデザインに傾けずにはいられない集まりです。私たちは、私たちが作ったものが人々に役に立ち、満足している人々を見ると幸せな気分に包まれます。素晴らしい製品や空間は、人の心を癒し、幸せな気分をもたらします。それは、御社と社会両方の利益を意味します。私たちは、デザインというものは人々の生活や社会を、より明るく心地よいものにしてくれると強く信じています。私たちは未来を作ります。 Creativity
What is it? How do you define it? Where does it come from? We believe everyone is creative. In different ways, for different things, at different times. There’s not one person who would say that they weren’t. But what about the spark – the inspiration? A good idea can come from anywhere, from everyday life, art, buildings, nature, packaging, products, people. Ideas are all around us just waiting to be found and given a new lease of life. We look at details, the things other people don’t.
We take the time to see, to listen, to understand. By taking a step back and looking at a project from a different perspective we can think differently. The better the initial design brief, the more information and detail, then the better the final creative will be.
Our role as a Design Think-tank agency is not only to provide a service to clients but also to act as ambassadors of the design industry, aiming to educate, influence and inspire.
私たちは、見て、聞いて、理解することに多くの時間を使います。一度戻ったり、遠くから俯瞰することによって「差異」に気づくこともあります。差異は、時にはよりよいデザイン指針、詳細な情報であったりします。そしてそれは最終的には素晴らしい創造につながります。私たちの創造的なデザイン会社としての役割は、お客様にサービスを提供するだけでなく、デザインの社会的役割を持たなければならないと考えています。つねに多くの場面において、私たちの多くの想像力やひらめきを広めたいと考えています。 Sustainability
We hope in the new century to be an incubator to hatch susceptibility out of usefulness, beauty and intelligence. In other words, we firmly believe, that it is the mission of design to give to rise to something throbbing in surprise. Parting from the past design of “usefulness” and “beauty”, and old fashioned design emphasized on consumption, we hope in the new century to be an incubator to hatch “susceptibility” out of “usefulness”, “beauty” and “intelligence”. Moreover, because the Blue Planet has only limited natural resources, it is our vision and duty, to create more valuable things, with less damage to the Nature.

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